Reactive Evolution

Think More · Code Less

Reactive Evolution is:

  1. A framework that provides reactive functionality to build Microsoft .NET applications
  2. A set of best practices for coding with the framework

Applying the framework and best practices enables the developer to represent complex domains with succinct, maintainable code that can easily be adapted and improved upon over time as understanding of the domain evolves.

Reactive Evolution was essentially conceived in January 2013 when I added the PropertiesUpdater class to the CoreHelpers portable class library. Since then, the CoreHelpers library itself has evolved into a comprehensive set of APIs covering multiple aspects of application development including:

Both of these feature sets make extensive use of the reactive behaviour provided by PropertiesUpdater to in turn provide functionality more powerful than any competing framework available. Additional infrastructure was developed to subscribe to property and collection changed event handlers when needed, in an organized and automatic manner, and unsubscribe when they're not needed.

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